My name is Einav Galanti and I am a Cosmetician. 

My love is preparing cosmetic products and natural soaps of all kinds, from local natural products of all kinds. All raw materials are of superb quality and without compromise.

My continuous search after new knowledge and challenges, was the trigger to starting this business.

Together with a number of members from Kibbutz Yotvata, we established the  brand "Sodot Arava", which means in Hebrew –  Arava Secrets,  and through it we sell our wonderful natural cosmetic products based on raw materials from the area.

The soaps are completely natural, without the use of artificial colors and scents, nice looking and carefully designed. 

Some of our soaps are unique and pioneering in Isreal, as well as  in the composition of the raw materials. 

The brand's customers are diverse: Hotel Spas, health food stores, gift shops, soaps for private customers for self-use, various businesses that purchase the "Arava Secrets" products under their private label and more.

In addition to producing our products, we hold work-shops in a wide range of subjects so as to enable one to know and recognize the process and use of the natural products and etheric oils, in order that you too may be part of the "Arava Secrets".

The workshops are suitable for any age, and some of them are particularly designated for small kids. You are invited to Yotvata Snack Bar  or one of the shops that sell the products and get to know them close.